Jean Schofield Badger
portrait of Jean Schofield Badger
I enjoy painting the common scenes that are experienced daily.   The way the light hits the terrain and the interaction of people with their surroundings is constantly supplying me with subject matter for new art works.  I feel a closeness to people doing simple everyday tasks, so these continue to be my favorite subjects.  Recently, I have been working on a series of street scenes from Austin, New Orleans, and Lubbock.  I enjoy developing a sense of space and depth with these images, and the variety of moods, color, and diversity of the scenes has been great to work with.

The compositional use of lights and darks in both sunlight and shadow are extremely important when I am deciding what to paint.  Often the way the light hits an object or the pattern of a shadow dictates my choice of what to paint next. 

My artworks represent a wide variety of  subject matter; however, my individual use of color and line work is easy to identify.  I have found that paintings of certain subjects are best accomplished with specific mediums so I often see an image, then choose the medium accordingly. 


    For information, please contact Jean at 806-793-0198 or by email

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